Saturday, January 3, 2009


Perhaps plumbing is in Daniel's future... I was surprised to find D sporting a low-rise diaper after a Daddy diaper change. In all fairness, I did fold down the centimeter of sheer plastic at the top for a better picture, but still... little baby cheeks are too cute!

Then and Now

Here are two pictures of D and Pilot. The first was taken on November 11, while the second was taken on December 22. He's growing so fast!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Pink Pig

Riding the Pink Pig is a family tradition for young Skelleys. My mom took Josh, Jason, and myself to ride the Pink Pig numerous times growing up- back when it was on the roof of the Rich's building in downtown Atlanta. In our day, it was an old pink contraption that probably wasn't up to any sort of code, but fun to ride anyways. You sat in an enclosed metal car (with little metal lattice for the windows with everything spray painted pink) and went around a few times. It has since moved to the top of the parking deck at the Macy's at Lenox Mall. My parents, my brother and his family, and Daniel and I went to check out the new Pink Pig. Thomas, Bailey, Carter, Daniel, and my mom had a great time riding the new and improved ride. Afterwards, we went to Atlantic Station because every 30 minutes in the evening, it would "snow" around the great big Christmas tree. The "snow" felt like and looked like foam bubbles to me, though my dad swears it was the stuff they use on ski slopes. I didn't care--- being out in the very cold weather was just another great reason for D to wear my favorite piece of clothing- the adorable little fleecy snowsuit. Check out Carter--- he LOVED the "snow"! I also stopped in Z Gallerie to look around and couldn't resist taking a photo of D next to all those polar bears!