Monday, March 23, 2009

Go Dawgs!

Daniel was dressed up in his finest Georgia gear as we went to Bailey's ball tournament. Bailey and his team ended up winning the tournament on Sunday- undefeated! D and I had a great time watching some Falcon baseball. Daniel was also very popular with the spectators of other games. On Sunday, two different people (complete strangers!) came up to my mom while she was holding D and asked if they could take him home. Um, no! But thanks for the compliment...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

D's New Trick

Daniel recently learned that he has a tongue! He now likes to spend some of his free time sticking it out at people and making new, fun noises. I find it adorable.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Beary Big Change

D has had his picture taken with the big bear twice- the first time at one month old and then 3 1/2 months later (on Saturday). I requested the pose because I wanted to compare how much Daniel has changed. He's grown so much! (And I didn't realize how big those blue jeans looked on D! The 1 month picture is not one that I bought last time, but he was posing the same way, though with a slightly different expression)

More Pictures

They cropped out me spotting Daniel in this picture--- the D block was my idea!

This is D in his baptism outfit.

New Pictures

D had his pictures taken at Portrait Innovations on Saturday. He did a great job! He was much more "smiley" for the camera this go-around. It made it hard to choose my favorites. I bought enough so that I got the CD that has every single shot on it, so I tried not to take too long choosing my faves (knowing that I could always print off some more at home if I changed my mind). I'm glad we went Saturday because D came down with a cold on Sunday. He developed a little cough, so I took him to the doctor yesterday. He ended up having ear infections in both ears, but his lungs sounded fine--- he's enjoying the bubble-gum medicine and I'm also giving him some numbing eardrops to help with the pain. He's been fussy, but having lots of cuddles and TLC from Mommy and Daddy help.